"This is the killer moment, and it comes to all of us. It came to me long ago: It will come to you soon enough. The creation of art is joyous, and it may be the closest we will all come to heaven. But the world that has been created in which art is alleged to flourish is so full of corruption and badness and absolute evil that the artist in all of us is crushed unless we are organically stupid or willfully retarded.

You must blind yourself; plug up your ears; lie and smile and shuffle. And for what?

To do what you know and love to be so pure and so necessary. There is a lobotomy that is necessary to survive the narcotizing stupidity and crassness of the theatre, films, television, writing--the big circus/whorehouse that calls itself the cradle of art. Handle yourself carefully. Smile and breathe and get to where it's silent."-Marlon Brando/From "The Lake of the Mind."

The SELFTAPE proposal includes:
1) Preparation of the scene with Adán Black.
2) Tape the scene under Adán Black's supervision.
3) Send the selftape in the moment, to agent or casting director.
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Date: 23-04-2024

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