Theatre for the People opens the space to the honing of the craft of Acting with Adán Black.

"This is all about immortality. About your name being known till the end of time. We have to wait out moment like crocodiles in the mud. No one knows when the draught will come and the animals will have to migrate to the Sahara. But we will be waiting. Months. Years. And the gazelles and the wildebeests will cross the water. And when they come, we will bite them. You hear me son? We will bite them so hard that when they scream, the whole world is gonna hear them. You will supersede everyone. You are a giant. You are a colossus amongst men. If you listen, you will one day reign like the gods. Boxing is entertainment, to be succesful, a fighter must not only win, but he must win in an exciting manner. He must throw punches with bad intentions. You hear me, Mike? With the speed of the devil. Your mind is not your friend. I hope you know that, Mike. You have to fight your mind. Control it. Block your feelings. Fatigue is 90% psycological. To be a great fighter, you have to get out of your head. Keep your emotions shut off. A gladiator. A gladiator focuses on his objective. and blocks everything else out.” - Cus D'Amato.
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Date: 23-04-2024

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