“Freedom just around the corner for you, but with the truth so far off, what good will it do?”

As the follow-up to our explosive LIFE IS A DREAM, IN THE REPUBLIC OF HAPPINESS & GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS workshops, Spanish/American acting coach Adán Black will continue to offer an ACTING IN ENGLISH WORKSHOP, with GIRL FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY, by Connor McPherson, with music & lyrics by Bob Dylan.

Duluth, Minnesota. 1934. A community on a knife-edge huddle together in the local guesthouse. The owner, Nick, owes more money than he can ever repay, his wife Elizabeth is losing her mind, and their daughter Marianne is carrying a child no one will account for.
When a preacher selling bibles and a boxer looking for a comeback show up in the middle of the night, things start to spiral beyond the point of no return...

In GIRL FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY, Conor McPherson beautifully weaves the iconic songbook of Bob Dylan into a show full of hope, heartbreak, and soul. It premiered at The Old Vic, London, in 2017.

We believe there is no better to start celebrating 16 years of work at TFTP.

The objective of this Workshop is to offer the actor the opportunity of high-quality Acting Training in English. Once a week, we lose ourselves into the unknown, to find each other on the other side… Open, free and satisfied.

We require a high level of English, certified by interview, to assure the quality of the level of acting and not that of an English class.

To be part of our theatre making experience only takes three simple steps: fill out our Admissions Form, have an interview with Adán Black, and audit a class. The rest... is up to YOU.

• During the first session of the workshop, we will read the play.
• Once we’ve read the play, the actors have to choose a scene or a monologue. In the event of choosing a scene, the actor must also choose a scene partner.
• Once scenes & monologues have been determined, we start working until the material is fit for performance in front of an audience.

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Date: 18-08-2018

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