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Acting humanizes us, it helps us come together, it makes us feel alive, joyous and inspired, it invites us to be now more than ever, it makes us feel good, happy, alive, full of passion and hope, it makes us feel bigger than we are, it invites us solve our enigmas, awakens our curiosity, our imagination and our creativity, it throws us into action, it invites us to express ourselves, to say what we feel, what we think, generous and free, it awakes us to reality, it inspires us to speak the truth, listen to others and learn from one another. 

10 years of new york training mainly with Harold Guskin (author of the book How to Stop Acting) and 15 years of teaching experience have given place to a different way of understanding the practice of acting, an understanding which solid foundations rely on the quality of text. Therefore most of our work is dedicated to the discovery, translation and presentation of the best Anglo-Saxon drama available and the refreshment of classics. These texts are the fundamental essence of our educational program.

A program adaptable to the students needs, designed to inspire, stimulate and unleash the potential of each and every one of them, giving forth a hands on system of work with solid principles and foundations, which are flexible and personalized.